How to Remove Cuticles From Toenails. Before toenails can be buffed, polished and shined, you must push back and remove the excess cuticle. With the help of pedicure tools and cuticle remover creme, you can carefully remove toenail cuticles to ensure a neat and thorough pedicure.

Soak your feet to soften the toe nail cuticles. Use a bubbling foot spa for the most relaxing foot soak, but a simple pan of warm water is equally effective. Add a few drops of essential oil or scented body wash to clean and soothe your feet.

Dry your feet on a towel. Remove the excess water from each toe so the cuticle remover product can penetrate the cuticles. Drying the feet also helps your grip as you use sharp tools around the delicate cuticle area.

Apply a cuticle remover product to your toes. Massage the creme or gel into the toenail area. Be generous with the product. Use your fingers to apply the cuticle remover. Using the applicator from the bottle or tube can introduce bacteria from your feet into the product.

Push the cuticles back toward the nail bed using an orange stick or metal cuticle pusher. Use a firm but gentle touch. Make sure to push back the entire cuticle. It is easy to overlook the cuticle that grows near the edges of the toes.

Clip excess skin and cuticle away with a cuticle trimmer. Snip small areas of loosened cuticle at a time. Make sure the trimmer has cleanly cut through the cuticle to avoid pulling and tearing into the skin.

Repeat the foot soak to remove all traces of the cuticle remover product from your toes. Polish will not adhere to the nails if there is remaining product residue.


Dirty pedicure implements can cause infection. Disinfect all of your pedicure tools, including your foot bath.