Chocolate Easter bunny and eggs on rustic background

Chocolates are a flavorful indulgence for the chocolate lover. The tastiest and most unique chocolates are those that you make yourself. An enjoyable aspect of chocolate making is helping the chocolate to take its final form. You may be using a plastic mold, available in many shapes to match any occasion and whimsy. Then you will want to apply a successful method to removing the chocolates from their molds after they have hardened.

Place your plastic molds into the freezer to harden. Your chocolate will be ready within five to 10 minutes, depending upon the size of the pieces.

Set the chocolate mold upside-down on a hard surface.

Tap the mold against the hard surface. This will release the chocolate pieces from the mold.

Remove any residue from your plastic mold by rinsing it with warm water, using a dish-washing detergent if needed. Allow the mold to dry.