How to Melt Chocolate in a Crock Pot

By Laure Justice

Chocolate has a melting point between 86- 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Excessive heat is not needed to melt it. Because of chocolate's low melting point, a slow heating process like using a crock pot is optimal; plus the crock pot allows busy cooks to work on other projects while chocolate safely heats. High temperatures, above 90 degrees, can cause scorching creating lumpy, grainy chocolate with a burnt taste. To properly melt chocolate in a crock pot, use the lowest heat setting, and plan on five to six hours of cooking time.


Step 1

Clean and wipe the inside of the crock pot, making sure there is no moisture remaining in the pot.

Step 2

Plug in the crock pot and turn it on. Set it to low or warm heat, depending on the parameters of your appliance.

Step 3

Pour the solid chocolate into the crock pot, and cover with the lid. Allow the crock pot to heat undisturbed; three hours on the low setting, or four hours on warm setting.

Step 4

After the correct time has elapsed turn off the heat, but keep the crock pot plugged in. Leave the lid on, and allow chocolate to sit for two additional hours.

Step 5

After the two hours have passed. Remove the lid and stir the chocolate gently, but thoroughly. Your chocolate is now ready for use.