Chocolate melts just below body temperature, so excessive heat is not needed to melt it. Due to chocolate’s low melting point, the slow heating process of a crock pot allows busy cooks to work on other projects while chocolate safely heats. Extreme heat will actually cause scorching, leaving chocolate with a burnt flavor and grainy texture. To melt chocolate in a crock pot, use the lowest heat setting, and plan to wait at least five hours before working with the melted chocolate.

Things You'll Need

Wipe the inside of the crock pot, making sure there are no water drops inside of the crock.

Plug in the crock pot and turn it on, using either the warm or low setting.

Put the chocolate in the crock pot, and cover the crock with the lid. Allow the crock pot to heat undisturbed for at least three hours if the crock pot is set on low, or for four hours on warm.

Turn the heat off, and without removing the lid, wait two more hours for heat to finish spreading through the chocolate.

Stir the chocolate gently, but thoroughly, and then prepare the chocolate as you normally would, either in candy molds or by using it for dipping.