The Best Way to Melt Almond Bark

By Mary Ylisela

Almond bark is a sweet confection often confused with chocolate. Unlike chocolates, which are made with cocoa butter, almond bark is made with vegetable oils or fats. The end product is similar in taste and texture to white or regular chocolate and it's easy to see why people assume almond bark is a type of chocolate. Almond bark is often used as a chocolate substitute to make candy and other sweets. Melting almond bark must be done correctly in order to make sure you don't burn it.


Fill a skillet 1/3 full with water. Place the skillet on a medium burner. Allow the water a few minutes to heat.

Place almond bark in a stainless-steel bowl or other bowl that will not be damaged by heat. Break the almond bark into smaller pieces to facilitate the melting process.

Set the bowl of almond bark in the pan of water so the heat from the water can melt the almond bark slowly and indirectly. Once the almond bark begins to melt, stir continuously with a wooden spoon to keep it smooth.

Use the melted almond bark as directed in your recipe.