Chocolate allergies can be mild or severe, and can occur up to three hours after ingesting chocolate. Although allergies to the cocoa bean itself can be rare, there are plenty of ingredients involved in the making of chocolate that can cause allergic reactions.


Headaches are a common symptom of allergies to chocolate. Processed chocolate contains milk and sometimes nuts, which can trigger these symptoms.

Skin Reactions

Hives, skin rashes and rectal itching can occur. These are treatable with topical creams.

Asthma and Cold Symptoms

Wheezing and shortness of breath can occur if you are allergic to chocolate. These can be treated using an inhaler prescribed by your doctor, or antihistamines for a runny nose and sneezing.


Because the cocoa in the chocolate may also contains caffeine, dyes, gluten, corn syrup, soy lecithin, or other chemicals, these may potentially be the cause allergic reactions.


An allergy test can help determine an intolerance for chocolate, or intolerance to the ingredients in the chocolate. This will entail injecting food extracts into your skin and studying the reaction.