Removing moles can be a time consuming and expensive task. Moles are best removed by your doctor but the procedure is not always covered by insurance. Unlike warts, removing moles with simple over-the-counter products is not always successful and can be complicated by pain and infection. The difference? Warts live on the skin, while moles have a "root" which needs to be removed as well. As tempting as it may seem, you cannot successfully remove a mole using something such as Compound W, which is an inexpensive wart remover. People who have tried this have experienced pain, burning, and a whitish appearance to their mole, without any real "removal." Scarring and infection is much more likely in this case than mole removal. To remove a mole using a product useful for both moles and warts you need to spend a little more. When you do a search on-line you'll find plenty of "miracle" products, but save yourself some time and frustration and use this tested product with good results.

Order the product "Wart and Mole Vanish by Pristine Herbal Touch." The link to this site is below. Basically, this product does a natural type of cauterization.

Clean the mole with soap and water. You can also use antibacterial soap or lotion to prepare the area.

Rough up the skin of the mole using the emery board provided. This part is vital as it helps to give the cream an entry point to dissolve the mole. Try not to scratch up the skin around your mole or poke or cut it. Have a friend help if you are not able to reach the area.

Open the wart and mole remover cream and mix, using the stirring stick. Cover the mole completely.

Wait 20 minutes. You'll feel a stinging sensation and the mole will turn black or darker brown. After 20 minutes, carefully and gently wash off the cream. Raised moles may require a second treatment. Otherwise your mole will scab over and fall off within a week or two.