Scar fading creams, vitamin E oil or cocoa butter can help reduce the appearance of dark scars. You can combine all three treatments, or use them separately depending upon the darkness of the scar and how much time you want to invest. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, consult your doctor before using the procedures.

Buy a scar fading cream or gel such as Mederma, Neosporin, Pigment gel or Bio-oil. Cheaper is not your best choice, so consider the best product for your skin type.

Follow instructions. Scar fading creams are usually applied once to three times daily until the scar fades.

Apply pure vitamin E oil one to two times daily, rubbing it firmly into the skin. Vitamin E heals the skin and provides moisture to tougher areas. It helps speed up skin regeneration and decrease inflammation. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if you develop a rash.

Cocoa butter, a restorative salve for skin cells, helps heal skin and lighten dark scars. Make sure to use pure cocoa butter, lotions are not concentrated enough and will provide little to no results. Apply cocoa butter daily as well.

You can either use one of these treatments, or all three staggered throughout the day. Try applying a scar fading cream before you go to bed, vitamin E oil in the morning and cocoa butter in the afternoon.