three champagne bottles in a wooden box on a stone wall background

Box wine is an economical alternative to traditional bottled wine. A wine box is a cardboard box with a plastic spigot that is attached on the inside to a plastic or foil bag that holds the wine. Box wines are typically less expensive than bottles of wine, are recyclable, easy to carry, and has a longer opened shelf life. You can reuse wine boxes by detaching the inside bags and washing them before refilling them with wine.

Open the empty box of wine. There should be an empty bag that hold wine inside of the box. Grasp the spigot on the outside of the box and the bag's opening on the inside of the box. Twist the spigot until it detaches from the bag. Remove the bag from the box.

Squeeze 1 tsp. of liquid soap into the neck of the bag. Add the hot water, then jostle the bag to mix the soap. Reattach the spigot, then turn it to drain the water from the bag. The soapy water will clean the spigot as it exits the bag. Rinse the bag and spigot with water until all of the soap is removed. Let the parts dry.

Use the funnel to refill the bag with fresh wine, leaving some space at the top. Keep the bag upright as you maneuver it back into the box, lining the mouth up with the spigot hole. Hold the bag tightly as you push and twist the spigot back into the hole and the mouth of the bag.