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Nylon bags can be customized to reflect the personality of the person who carries them. A customized bag may display the name of a business, the likeness of a favorite school mascot or general designs like flowers or stripes. Nylon bags are lightweight and inexpensive as compared to other bag material. Fabric paint is designed to adhere to a wide variety of fabrics including nylon.

Wash the nylon bag in cold water and air-dry. If the nylon bag shows signs of wrinkles, iron the bag. When the nylon bag is washed it will change slightly in size. Washing the bag before decorating it will prevent any future deformation of the painted surface.

Choose a design and acquire an example of it to be used as a visual reference. If your bag is to be used at a high school pep rally for example, choose the school mascot or the name of one of the school's sports teams.

Lay the nylon bag flat on a surface that pins can be driven into. A piece of cardboard is perfect for this purpose. Level the surface so that the fabric paint does not run when applied. If you are using your bed as a work surface, do not sit or stand on the bed when applying the paint to the bag.

Decide if you want to apply the paint freehand. If you are experienced with paint application you may want to apply the paint without an aid. If you are uncertain about your paint application abilities you should use a chalk outline. Sketch the design you want to paint on your nylon bag in chalk. You can remove chalk by rubbing it from the nylon surface and blowing air onto it using your mouth.

Place fabric paint on an application device. The paint application device can be anything that holds paint until you apply it to the nylon bag. You can use a paintbrush, a sponge or your finger. Some fabric paints come in tubes or bottles with a squeeze tip for easy application, and if this is the case with your paint, hold the squeeze tip against the nylon bag.

Apply the fabric paint to the nylon bag in the design you chose. Use the paintbrush, sponge or your fingers, or squeeze the paint from the container and through the applicator tip.

Wait a few hours for the fabric paint to dry on the nylon bag before using it.


Choose a hidden section of the bag to test your paint on before applying it if you are using a colored bag. Colored paint may dry a different color on a colored nylon surface. Avoid air bubbles in the paint by slowly applying the paint to the nylon surface. Rapid application of fabric paint can cause air bubbles to form in the paint that is being applied.