How to Reduce Red Spots

By LeafTV Editor

It's the stereotypical teen TV situation; it's picture day or prom and you have a huge red pimple on your face! Well, there are no magic cures to make it disappear, but there are ways to camouflage it. Follow these steps to make your spots disappear!

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How To Reduce Red Spots


Reduce Red Spots

Don't pick at them! This comes first because everyone's first inclination is to rub, squeeze or pick at a blemish. This will only make it worse! A blemish is red because it is irritated, so poking at it will only make it look more angry.

Ice the spot to reduce the size of it and calm the skin. To do this, use a washcloth, and place the ice cube inside. Wrap the cloth around it, so that the cube is just beneath the cloth when touching your skin. This will maximize the cold that reaches your skin without causing irritation.

Apply an acne medication to the blemish. If possible, use a potent acne cream and sleep in it overnight. If you do not have that time, apply a clear medication and let dry.

Use Visine or other red-eye formula eyedrops to, as they say, "get the red out." Place a drop of Visine on a cotton swab and gently dab at the blemish. This should solve the redness of the blemish and the surrounding area.

Consider makeup. While sealing your blemish in makeup isn't the best long-term idea, it does provide a temporary cover-up. To properly apply make up, you will need concealer, foundation and powder, as well as a makeup sponge and a dusting brush.

Apply Makeup to Conceal a Blemish

Apply concealer directly on the spot. Don't worry if it looks unnatural; you will even it out when applying foundation.

Dab foundation on a makeup sponge. Gently dab onto your blemish and then smooth using the sponge and light strokes. Blend foundation and concealer well into the rest of your makeup.

Dust a loose powder on top or pat on powder from a compact. This will set the makeup to prevent it from smudging or wearing off.


  • Though I've said to avoid picking and popping at all costs, if you MUST do so, make sure you have clean hands and pop with direct pressure. Above all else, do not take sharp instruments such as tweezers or scissors to your face to try and get rid of a pimple. You set yourself up for pain and scarring.

  • Practice makes perfect. The first time you try to hide a spot, it is bound to look noticable. However, with time you'll develop your own technique and it will come as second nature.