Unless you're dying to ditto the goth teen stylings of Lydia Deetz or Wednesday Addams, you should probably do something about those dark under-eye circles.

Nothing's necessarily wrong with dark rings around your eyes (she said from beneath 10 pounds of concealer), but they sure do give off the impression of a poor night's sleep. Your options: get ready for your co-workers' questions about your health, insomnia or how last night's party went, despite your much more boring actual reason: That's just how your face looks.

Instead, you could identify the underlying cause of your black circles and banish them for good -- or at least as much as modern medicine and makeup will allow.

Dark circles come in a few different flavors: hyperpigmentation, hollow shadows, visible veins and fluid buildup.


Press lightly under your eyes -- if the skin lightens in color, you can blame fluid buildup from allergies , poor circulation or another health problem that causes water retention.

Visible superficial blood vessels are hereditary, but can be exacerbated by sleep problems, leaky veins or allergies that make vessels swell. When you don't get enough sleep, your brain soaks up oxygen from the blood to keep you operating. Unfortunately, deoxygenated blood looks darker through fine skin.

Treat your raccoon eyes on more than one level -- topically, through diet changes and, if necessary, cosmetic procedures.

Cover your black rings with makeup.

  1. Apply moisturizing eye cream to make concealer go on smoothly.
  2. Pat luminous color-correcting primer along the edge of your eye socket. 
  3. Make a V shape under each eye with a yellow- or orange-tinted concealer. These shades cancel out the purple or blueish hues of under eye circles. 
  4. Blend the concealer upward with a concealer brush. Set with a matte powder.
  5. Curl your eyelashes upward so they make no shadow on your under eyes.
  6. Wear a nude or shimmer eye shadow to lighten the eye area.
  7. Wear white eyeliner along the lower waterline.