How to Put the Brighton Charm Slides on a Bracelet

By Regina Edwards

The popular Brighton jewelry collection offers a basic charm bracelet and an assortment of spacers and charms. The design of the ABC slide bracelet provides a quick and secure way to insert spacer beads, dangling charms and decorative rings on the chain to personalize jewelry. The rings on the charms and openings in the spacers fit over the rings on the bracelet. The slide bracelet includes a built-in terminal bead to manage slider charms and a two-clasp attachment to secure the bracelet ends.

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Step 1

Detach the connector containing two clasps from the bracelet and set aside.

Step 2

Position the main chain of the bracelet on a flat surface, so that the plain ring is on the right side and the locking bead is on the left.

Step 3

Arrange your slider charms below the bracelet in the desired order.

Step 4

Insert spacers between each charm and add additional spacers between charms to create space and emphasis, such as a decorative slider bead charm. If desired, add spacers on the left and right sides of the arrangement to completely fill the available length of the bracelet.

Step 5

Lift the right end of the bracelet and insert the ring through each spacer and charm, moving from the left side of the arrangement to the right. The terminating bead will serve as a stopper to prevent the charms and spacers from sliding off the bracelet.

Step 6

Reattach the two clasps on the connector segment to each end of the bracelet.