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Jewelry tends to have a stamp of authenticity on it symbolizing the company that made it and/or what it is made of. Pieces of jewelry stamped with "Silver 925 ALE" are produced by the jewelry company Pandora.


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The number "925" on jewelry refers to its being made of 92.5-percent silver. This is a stamp typically seen on sterling silver jewelry. Pandora, a company specializing in genuine jewelry, uses "925 ALE" as a stamp on its silver jewelry. That way, the jewelry is labeled as being sterling silver and also as being an authentic Pandora-made piece.


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"ALE" is the original jeweler's Pandora hallmark, with which all of its jewelry pieces are marked. It comes from the initials of the founder of the Pandora company, Algot Enevoldsen.


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The mark "925 ALE" only appears on Pandora's silver pieces. Pandora's gold jewelry will contain the ALE symbol but with a different number to symbolize the carats. This marking, whether for silver or gold, guarantees that the piece of jewelry is authentic.

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