The secret to a flawless pedicure is all in the preparation. With less space between your toes than your fingers, those toes have a tendency to move together and smudge when you try to walk before your polish is dry. Toe separators are a salon staple that you can buy at any beauty supply store. The foam tool keeps your toes at a distance from each other, and prevents smudging during and after the application process.

Sit in a comfortable chair with your pedicure tools beside you. Once you have the toe separator in place, you will need to stay seated to avoid removing it.

Bend your knees for a clear view of your feet, and lift your toes upward to create spaces between them.

Place the toe separator under your foot. Push the prongs of the separator between your toes until they are visible on the top side of your foot. Repeat on the other foot. The prongs are all the same size and are typically in a circular shape, but may also feature designs.

Paint your nails as you desire. Leave the toe separators between your toes until the polish has completely dried, to prevent smudging.


If you don't have toe separators on hand, weave tissues between your toes in the same manner.