How to Fix Panty Hose & Shoe Slipping

By Hannah Wahlig

Pantyhose are a must-have fashion item for professional women or women who like to spend a night out on the town. Pantyhose may be a go-to item in women's fashion, but the super-sheer material has a tendency to cause the heels of your feet to slip out the back of your shoe. Not only is a slipping heel distracting, but the constant friction also can create painful heel blisters. Though nonslip pantyhose are available in stores, you can create your own nonslip pantyhose with a few simple components.

Keep your pantyhose from slipping with rubber grips.

Step 1

Put on the pantyhose. Wearing the pantyhose while you apply your adhesives allows you to properly place your grips.

Step 2

Remove an adhesive rubber sticker from the packaging.

Step 3

Hold the nonslip sticker over the bottom of your foot. Use a marker to create a small rectangle on the sticker that fits across the ball of your foot on the sticker.

Step 4

Cut out the rectangle with a pair of scissors. Hold the rectangle over the ball of your foot to ensure proper sizing. Remove the plastic backing of the nonslip sticker and press the adhesive side against the pantyhose on the ball of your foot.

Step 5

Hold a second sticker, or excess pieces from the first sticker, over the heel of your foot. Use a marker to create a small circle on the sticker that fits over your heel. Cut out the circle and apply to your pantyhose over your heel.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 3 through 5 for your other foot.

Step 7

Apply heel grips to the inside of the heels of the shoes with which you most often experience slipping problems. Heel grips are small adhesive rubber stickers precut to fit in the inner curve of heeled shoes.