How to Put Hair Wraps & Beads on Braids

By Elizabeth Baker

Braids are a fun and easy way to make your hairstyle pop, and colorful beads and hair-wraps can also be used to accessorize the braids. Choose from single-colored, glitter or holiday-themed beads or string to make your outfit stand out. And because beads and string are available at most craft supply stores, this look is extremely inexpensive and easy to do. Whichever braid you choose to produce, be sure to follow simple after-care steps to keep your braid neat and tight.


Braids With A Bead At The End

Step 1

Braid hair with a bead at the end. Separate a one- to two-inch section of hair and divide into three even pieces. Braid as normal to the end of the hair. Wet tips, if necessary, and slide bead to the end of braided section. Affix with a small elastic. Use two elastic bands if bead is still capable of slipping off.

Step 2

Create a braid that contains beads every few braids. Separate a one to two-inch section of hair. Begin braiding at scalp, and complete two full braids. Wet ends of hair if necessary, and slide first bead up and into place. Continue braiding for two more braids, or for one-inch in length. Slide another bead onto the braid. Repeat until the braid is finished and contains several beads. Affix with an elastic, or two if necessary, to keep final bead in place.

Step 3

Braid hair with string and beads to create a hair wrap. Gather colored string of three different colors. Measure string to be two inches longer than your hair from scalp to tip. Gather one bead for the end of the braid. Separate hair into a one- to two-inch section. Separate into three even pieces. Tie one piece of string to the top of each section, as close to the scalp as possible. Gather three sections together tightly and begin looping one piece of string tightly around section of hair. Repeat for six or seven loops, or until a centimeter of string is wound around hair.

Step 4

Continue wrapping string. After several rounds, pull second colored string and begin to wrap around tightly. Complete, switching colors, until all three colors have been wrapped around the hair section. Repeat until hair is entirely wrapped in string, and pull tight to keep section together. Wet hair tips if necessary and slide a colored bead to the end of the hair section. Secure with an elastic or two to keep bead and string in place.