How to Put Hair Up With Bobby Pins in a Ponytail

By LeafTV Editor

The ponytail provides you with a flexible, easy hairstyle that keeps hair out of your face. You can also experiment with different styles of ponytails. Using bobby pins enables you to have a ponytail without an elastic hair tie. It also gives the ponytail a different look. Follow the instructions below to put your hair in a ponytail with bobby pins.

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How To Put Hair Up With Bobby Pins In A Ponytail


Gather your hair in one hand at the position on your head where you want the ponytail to be.

Smooth your hair with your free hand, placing it on your hair near your hairline and running it over your hair to the hand holding all your hair.

Grab your hair with the hand you were smoothing your hair with and then repeat Step 2 with your free hand. Continue smoothing your hair in this manner until you are satisfied with the appearance of your hair.

Use a brush to smooth your hair further, if needed. Run the brush over your hair in the same manner that you smoothed it with your hands.

Wrap a small portion of your hair that is the longest around the base of the ponytail you are holding in your hand.

Tuck the end of this small portion you wrapped around the ponytail into the ponytail.

Secure your hair with bobby pins, placing them mostly underneath your ponytail. Cross the bobby pins over each other to ensure a firm ponytail.

Wrap more hair around the ponytail, if necessary, to secure it further or to hide bobby pins.


  • Use hairspray to tame frizzy hair. Spray directly onto your hair, or spray it into your hands and run them over your hair.

  • If you cannot secure your hair using just bobby pins, then you can use an elastic hair tie to hold the ponytail in place. Then wrap pieces of your hair around the tie and bobby pin the pieces in place to cover the hair tie.