How to Promote Fast Nail Growth

By Heather Topham Wood

If you want to promote nail growth, you probably want to look for ways to achieve long nails quickly. Some nail growth techniques can take months or years to work, and you probably don't want to wait that long to see improvement. But once you achieve long nails, keep up a healthy nail regimen in order to keep them from breaking.

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Step 1

Start massaging your nail beds every night. This can help promote nail growth quickly by improving blood flow to the area. Use your fingertips to massage both the cuticle and nail bed for at least two minutes.

Step 2

Eat foods that that are high in calcium, iron, potassium and the vitamin B complex. These foods include dairy products, nuts, eggs, green leafy vegetables, bananas and fish.

Step 3

Take a healthy skin, hair and nails supplement. If you don't think you get enough vitamins from food to encourage quick nail growth, use a dietary supplement instead. Nature's Bounty manufactures an over-the-counter capsule that is used for nail growth.

Step 4

Try a nail growth treatment product. If you are having problems encouraging your nails to grow quickly, you might need to invest in a nail growth solution, such as Mavala Mavaderma Nail Growth Treatment. This solution is massaged into the nails in order to provide proteins to the area to help stimulate growth.

Step 5

Maintain your manicure. Keep a fresh coat of polish on your nails as a way to quickly stimulate nail growth. You can use a brand such as Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as your topcoat. This product seals in the nail polish in order to help the nails grow.