Eucalyptus leaves

Hair loss can be difficult to deal with. Hair loss can occur for a range of reasons, such as poor nutrition and illness, but it is most commonly due to simple genetics. If you have lost some of your front hair, you can encourage it to grow back there. While you won't likely experience drastic regrowth, various treatment methods can stimulate growth, making small differences in the region. Be diligent in your treatment and you'll see small gains in the area.

Increase your protein intake. Hair consists primarily of protein. If you consume more protein, it helps to stimulate hair health and growth. If your diet is lacking in protein, it can lead to thinning hair. You can find protein in a variety of food sources, such as meat, dairy products, nuts and soy.

Massage the front of your head daily. Massage encourages circulation, helping vital blood and nutrients to reach hair follicles more easily. With this additional nourishment, your hair follicles will be better suited to produce new hair. Apply firm pressure and massage the area daily for approximately two minutes.

Take folic acid. It is essential to hair health and may prevent hair loss. Take 400mcg of folic acid daily to aid in hair growth. You can take supplements or find folic acid naturally occurring in green vegetables, beans and carrots.

Apply eucalyptus oil. This natural oil is often used to stimulate the skin and help the hair follicles to produce hair more efficiently. Apply a light layer of eucalyptus oil to the front of your head daily. You can find it in most health and beauty stores.

Use biotin. This dietary supplement aids hair's growth process. Take 2.5mg daily to encourage new hair growth. You can find biotin in most drug and health stores.

Eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Poor nutrition can both cause and exacerbate hair loss. Make sure you are properly nourished and aim to get vitamins and nutrients from fresh, natural foods whenever possible.


  • Avoid heated hair styling tools, which can damage your hair and impede hair growth.