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Some individuals have naturally healthy hair that grows long and strong. For others, having hair that grows quickly without breakage or damage takes more work. One of the simplest ways to boost your hair's level of health and growth is to keep it moisturized. While there are many products of the market sold to do this, vaseline can be used in their place with similar effects at a much lower cost.


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Hair that is dry will be more prone to breakage, which will make it more difficult for the hair to gain any legnth. Keeping hair moisturized with vaseline will prevent split ends and encourage growth.


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While applying a very small amount of vaseline to the ends of the hair for moisture will prove beneficial, hair growth can be encouraged further by massaging a minimal amount of vaseline into the scalp. The stimulation of the scalp has been shown to encourage hair growth.

Time Frame

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For the highest benefit, vaseline should be applied at night before retiring to allow the vaseline to penetrate the hair and scalp no more than one time per week. Pillows can be protected by applying a plastic shower cap over the hair.


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Because vaseline leaves the hair with a greasy, unattractive appearance, it should be removed by washing hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. If the vaseline is stubborn, one teaspoon of baking soda can be added to shampoo to remove residue.

Fun Fact

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Vaseline can also stimulate eye lash growth, allowing them to become healthier and stronger. To be effective, the vaseline must be applied nightly over a period of weeks.

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