By Alana Armstrong

Printing on fondant allows you to add intricate, custom designs to a cake with little cost and mess. The printing is done with edible inks on sheets of fondant paper that can be used in just about any home or industrial printer. Any design, picture or pattern that can be printed on regular paper can just as easily print to fondant paper.

Printed fondant paper will give your cake an additional flair.

Step 1

Use one sheet of fondant paper at a time and back each sheet with one sheet of plain card stock.

Edible ink comes in cartridges that can replicate nearly any color.

Replace the regular ink cartridges in the printer with edible ink cartridges. You can purchase the cartridges online or from a specialty kitchen supply store.

Step 3

Set the printer's paper feed so that it accepts thick paper and send your design to the printer.

Step 4

Allow each sheet of fondant paper to dry completely before peeling it away from the backing paper.

Step 5

Cover the iced cake completely with the fondant paper, smoothing the wrinkles out by massaging them downward, and trim the bottom edge. Refrigerate the finished cake for at least 45 minutes to set and solidify the fondant paper.