How To Print An Edible Image

If you are looking to create a cake or other food items with printed pictures on them, it is possible to create edible photographs right in the comfort of your own home. Although you need a few specialty objects, the actual process is no different than printing a standard document off your printer. All of the items needed to print edible images can be purchased from a large craft store.

Remove the ink cartridges you currently have in your printer. Even if you are printing an image in black and white, you need to take out the color cartridge.

Insert the edible ink cartridge into the printer. When you purchase the edible ink, make sure it is the correct size for your printer. On the label, it is going to state the edible ink is comparable to a specific cartridge (such as "HP 93"). Make sure the comparable cartridge is something your printer can use.

Remove the paper from the printer and insert the edible printer paper.

Power on your computer and open up the image you want printed on the paper.

Select "File" followed by "Print." Select the amount of copies you want and click "Print." The image is now going to print on the edible paper with the edible ink.