If you need to create the outline of a tattoo for someone, or just want to see what one would look like on you before you get it done, a tattoo stencil is the way to go. A tattoo stencil is way to transfer your tattoo design onto your skin to see what it will look like.

Practice your tattoo design on a piece of paper. If you don't want to design your own, find a design online and print it off.

Trace your tattoo design onto tracing paper using a technical pen with stencil ink. Make sure it is the right size for the area you want the tattoo. If not, redraw it to the proper size. Let the stencil dry completely.

Clean the skin and wipe it dry. Press the tracing paper against the skin and hold it firmly. Remove it slowly and the tattoo should be outlined on the skin.


Remember that the tattoo will be reversed once applied to the skin.