How to Write on Fondant

By Caroline Baldwin

Fondant icing can finish cakes with an elegant, smooth look but can be difficult to accommodate messages on the surface of the cake. Piping royal icing on fondant icing does not work, as it is sensitive to the oils and moisture from the fondant. Finishing a beautiful cake without a personal message can be disappointing. With a little patience and a few cake decorating supplies, you can professionally write your message on fondant icing.

Fondant cakes can also be personalized with writing.


Step 1

Apply the fondant to the cake and let it dry overnight. The moisture in the cake will make it extremely difficult to write on.

Step 2

Dip a small paintbrush into food coloring. Dab the excess onto the paper towel.

Step 3

Lightly write your message onto the fondant icing. Reload your brush often so the message is vibrant and not faint or light.

Edible Food Pens

Step 4

Purchase edible food pens or markers in coordinating colors.

Step 5

Uncap the pen and test the pen on a paper towel. Stop once the edible ink starts flowing.

Step 6

Write your message on the fondant icing. Do not press too hard or the ink will spot and run.

Step 7

Lightly wipe the tip of the pen periodically. The tip can get filmy and wiping will keep the words clean and even.

Buttercream Icing

Step 8

Place a round piping tip on a piping bag.

Step 9

Fill the bag with buttercream icing.

Step 10

Pipe the message onto the fondant.