How to Prevent Raccoon Eyes

By LeafTV Editor

To prevent raccoon eyes, or under eye smudge so to speak - the best way is to use proper products from the start. Each day our body produces lots of sweat and this is what will smudge your mascara under eyes. Here are the following eyeliner tips to get off on a good start of eye makeup techniques. Try using less makeup, different product, and always moisturize around the eyes.

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How To Prevent Raccoon Eyes


They always say less is more in these days, and that is partially true. To prevent raccoon eyes, always make sure you wear less eyeliner and mascara. A slight smudge is sexy, but a bold one isn't very appealing, so make sure you apply your makeup lightly so it won't stand out as much.

My favorite mascara tips is to use Lash Blast Waterproof by Cover Girl and moisturize your eyes beforehand. This is a wonderful product and I even use it myself because it eliminates all mascara under eyes. Apply a light few swipes of this mascara and your good to go. Even if you do sweat, you won't keep having to reapply your makeup.

When applying your own makeup, pay attention to your eye makeup techniques. One way to put your makeup on is by taking a light white or tan foundation powder and patting it with a small brush, just below your eyes. This is a really effective way to prevent raccoon eyes, since you are making the spot under your eyes lighter. Also, if you get smudging on the top, just take your brush and dab it in the powder again. Lightly brush your inner lids area, spanning out to the top portion.