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In many ways, riding a motorcycle is an extension of your style choices -- like a bold ensemble, it exudes independence and a sense of devil-may-care attitude. Whether you choose a full face mask or a vintage beetle-style helmet, you have plenty of varied options for expressing yourself while staying safe, but one thing remains consistent: your helmet is not hair-friendly. It takes a multi-pronged approach to prevent helmet head, including texturizing products and a few optional accessories.

Style your hair with products that strike a balance between hold, smoothness and malleability, such as root booster, sea salt spray and leave-in conditioner. Unlike sticky or heavy styling products, these products allow for some flexibility, helping your hair withstand in-helmet wind and helmet head. [1]

Opt for helmet-resistant hairstyles. If you have short hair, choose a side part for easy touch-ups. For longer hair, a low bun secured with bobby pins keeps your locks in place until your ride is over. Braids and plaits also resist messing and flattening, especially when sprayed with sea salt or texurizing spray. You can also gather your hair up top with pins and take them out later, hand-styling with a spritz of texturizer upon arrival for a natural look. [1]

Give your hair some extra lift before donning your helmet by blow-drying it upside down. If you use hairspray, apply it at this time -- choose a lightweight hairspray to cut down on gunk. A little extra boost at the beginning diminishes the effects of sweat and flattening. [1, 2]

Wrap your do in a silk head scarf, which particularly helps keep straight styles neat. A silky scarf moves with your helmet, keeping your hair smooth and fresh-looking. [1]

Stick an insert into your helmet for extra hair protection. Specially made inserts increase air circulation to cut back on sweat and give the helmet just a bit of lift, to reduce flattening. Always read and follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer before installing an insert in your helmet. [3]


For an intentionally messy look, shake your hair out and rub in a bit of matte texturizer upon reaching your destination, [1], or remedy sweaty locks with a quick rub of dry shampoo after your ride. [2]