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Semi-wavy, frizzy hair certainly presents some styling challenges. Whether your hair is short or long, the goal will be to smooth down the frizz and coax the waves into a pleasing style. If you prefer to wear your hair straight, you can choose to use a flat iron to straighten your waves and frizz. However, that does take a fair amount of time and can damage your hair. The best way to style semi-wavy, frizzy hair is to work with your natural waves.


Long, wavy, layered hair is flattering on most people. To eliminate frizz and enhance your waves, have your hair cut with long layers throughout, with more throughout the top for volume. Eliminating some bulk will provide volume and also. To tame frizz, put a leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz serum while your hair is wet. Also, blow dry your hair with a diffuser attachment, which is made to enhance curl and eliminate frizz. Once your hair is dry, wear it loose and natural. Use a curling iron to create more curls and waves.


Wavy, frizzy hair can also look nice in a shorter hairstyle. With a shorter haircut, especially if your hair is thick, your hair can become very poofy. A mid-neck length hairstyle, with layers throughout, is cute and modern. Have the ends of your hair blunt cut. Your natural waves will keep it casual and even a bit messy looking. Long, side swept bangs are flattering as well. Use mousse with this hairstyle and also blow dry it using a diffuser attachment.


A bun is another hairstyle option for frizzy, wavy hair. It's a great way to manage your hair easily, and create a professional look for the workplace. All that you need to do is wash your hair as usual. Pull the hair back into a bun. Add a styling cream to smooth your hair and reduce frizz. Put hair gel on your hair as well so that you don't have to deal with frizz later in the day. Add accessories to your bun, such as thin headbands, to finish off the look.