masquerade mask
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A masquerade ball is a fun night out that requires a little planning. When you are invited to this kind of celebration, find a seductive dress and wear the perfect hairdo to emphasize the main focus of your outfit: the mask.

Go Big or Go Home

Whether you have thick or thin hair, put together a look with lots of volume to wow other masked partygoers, just like Kirsten Dunst did in the movie Marie Antoinette. If you have thick curly hair, use a leave-in conditioner and a hold product such as serum or mousse. If you have thin hair, choose beach wave spray also known as texturizing spray.

Start the prep the night before. Begin the process with freshly washed hair. Towel dry your hair and apply the product that is best for your hair type. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, let it air-dry or use a diffuser. If you hair is thin, spritz the product of your choosing all over your head, tie your hair into a top knot and go to sleep. Use dry shampoo after your hair is dry for an extra thick consistency. Think of Amy Adams in the movie Enchanted.

The next day, when your hair is completely dry, decide whether to wear it up or down. For a dramatic and sexy hairdo, scoop your hair into a ponytail, create a messy bun and secure it with an elastic. Leave any fallen strands loose. If you prefer to wear your hair down, secure your hair with bobby pins to one side. You may also wear a traditional three-strand braid or a five-strand braid. Check out online tutorials to find the right style for you. If you don’t have long hair, think about adding some extensions for the party. They don’t have to be expensive; remember, this is a costume party.

After your hairstyle is done, accessorize it. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with ribbons, flowers, feathers or colored hair strands. Secure any of these to your hair with a bobby pin or hair clip. Use a curling iron to create random curls with the strands that naturally fall out of your hairdo. If you are wearing your hair to the side, create waves for a seductive look. When the look is complete, spritz it with hairspray, add your mask and head out to dance the night away.