How to Preserve Celery

By Krista Martin

Celery is a staple food for people trying to lose weight or cut down on calories. You can burn more calories chewing celery than eating it. Cook celery and use in soups, stir-fries and salads, or eat it raw as a snack. The key to getting crispness and flavor from celery is preserving it properly. Whether you purchase it from a grocery store or market or grow it in your backyard, there are many ways to preserve it to retain its crispness and flavor.

Water and temperature helps preserve celery.

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From a Grocery store

Step 1

Select a fresh celery stick. The fresher the celery, the easier it will be to preserve it. Look for celery that is light green in color. Feel the celery for firmness and inspect the shape. Avoid buying celery that has bruises or discoloration on the stalk.

Step 2

Moisten paper towels with water. Wrap celery in paper towels before refrigeration. You can also store the celery in a plastic sandwich bag to preserve it.

Step 3

Keep celery refrigerated. When you purchase celery from a market or grocery store, refrigerate it immediately. This will preserve the crispness of the celery.

Step 4

Cut celery into small pieces with a sharp knife and place it in a tray of water. Place the tray in the refrigerator.

From the Garden

Step 5

Pull the celery stalk up by the roots. This helps maintain the root structure. Keep each celery arrangement about a foot apart. Make sure the stalks stand upright and pack two feet deep in soil.

Step 6

Water the roots to keep the stalks and leaves dry. Place a board over the celery and place soil over the board and straw over the soil.

Step 7

Store celery plants in the cellar and keep the roots moist. This can preserve the celery for up to a month. Avoid storing celery with onions, turnips or cabbage, as they take away from the flavor of the celery.

Step 8

Chop up celery into smaller sections and freeze it. The celery will lose its crispness but can be used for cooking.

Step 9

Dry celery. Trim the stalks and wash them thoroughly with water. Chop up the celery stalks and place them in a dehydrator. It takes between 24-48 hours to dry celery with a dehydrating machine. Once dried, store celery in an air-tight jar.