Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate, and potassium. Whether you like it steamed, raw, or roasted, it’s a healthy addition to your diet. Broccoli is typically good for several days to a week after you purchase it from the store, but there are times when you’re not quite sure whether it’s gone bad or not. Pay attention to all the signs, as you may still be able to use it.

Place the broccoli near your nose and inhale deeply. You might be able to smell “broccoli smell,” but the odor shouldn’t be too pungent. If the broccoli has gone bad, you might even be able to smell something off when you open the fridge.

Squeeze the stalk of the broccoli. Fresh broccoli should be firm to the touch and not have a lot of give. If the stem is limp, it may be past its prime.

Look at the color. Fresh broccoli should have a dark green color. If it’s starting to turn yellow, it’s definitely gone bad.


  • You may be able to save broccoli that’s limp, but not showing any other signs that it’s gone bad. Cut a bit off the stem and soak it in water for an hour. This should make the stalk firm again.