How to Freeze Raw Celery and Carrots

By Jenny Seyfried

Freezing raw carrots and celery is an easy way to save money and cooking preparation time. As the vegetables freeze, they will not lose any nutrients, color or freshness. The small amount of time it takes to prepare your celery and carrots for freezing will be well worth it when you have fresh, chopped vegetables ready anytime for soups, stews, stir-fry dishes or snacking.


Step 1

Rinse carrots and celery in cool water, removing any dirt.

Step 2

Cut the ends off of the carrots and discard.

Step 3

Remove the leaves and ends of the celery stalks.

Step 4

Cut the carrots and celery into preferred sizes. It helps to plan ahead and know which recipes you'll be adding your vegetables to so you can cut them accordingly. For example, if you'll be using the celery and carrots in soups or stews, you would want to cut them into thicker pieces than if you'll be using them in stir-fry dishes.

Step 5

Place cut carrots and celery onto clean, dry paper towels that have been spread out on cookie sheets.

Step 6

Place the cookie sheets in the refrigerator until chilled (approximately two hours).

Step 7

Remove carrots and celery from the cookie sheets and place in freezer bag. Do not place more than 2 to 3 lbs. of vegetables into one bag.

Step 8

Press the freezer bag well to release all excess air and seal the bag.

Step 9

Write the date with a marker on the outside of the freezer bag.

Step 10

Place the bag containing the vegetables in the freezer.