Fresh cucumber on the wooden table

Cucumbers that are raw are best when they are crispy and fresh. Unfortunately, cucumbers can start going bad quickly when improperly stored. This means that you must eat them quickly to prevent them from starting to rot in your fridge or find a new way of storing the cucumbers. Fortunately, it is possible to store cucumbers so that they stay fresh, even after more than a week.

Plastic Wrap Storage

Wrap the cucumber in plastic wrap. Keeping the cucumber wrapped minimizes the amount of moisture on the cucumber, which slows the process of decay. After wrapping, put the cucumber in the refrigerator. This should keep it cold enough to stay fresh for one week to 10 days.

Paper Towel Wrap

A paper towel is another option for wrapping up the cucumber. Raw cucumbers surrounded by a paper towel are kept dry due to the absorption of water and moisture by the towel. Putting the cucumber into the vegetable crisper of the fridge while surrounded by the paper towel will help keep the cucumber fresh as the moisture level is lowered.

Ideal Temperature

When storing raw cucumbers, the best temperature is cool, but not frozen. Cucumbers do not freeze well, so temperatures below about 40 degrees Fahrenheit are not a good option. Ideally, keep your storage temperature around 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cut Cucumber

The storage of cut cucumber varies depending on how it is cut. In general, storing it in a sealed container or wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap or foil is the best option. If cut into slices, put it in a container with a lid. This prevents it from drying out during storage. If only the end is cut off, cover it with foil or plastic wrap or store it in a container as preferred.