How to Pick The Best Swim Suit to Hide Your Tummy

By James Stuart

Swimsuit season is a cause for concern for many women. Although lazy days at the beach can seem inviting, some women may choose to stay home rather than brave the beach in a swimsuit that's too small. Some bathing suits are designed to conceal your stomach or accentuate other parts of your body. Nobody should be ashamed of her body, and these bathing suits may give you the confidence you need to enjoy a day in the sun.

Woman wearing a straw hat on the beach, rear view
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Bikinis and other skimpy bathing suits aren't for everyone.

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Step 1

Pick a solid color that matches your skin. Many women make the mistake of purchasing a bathing suit with brightly colored design, hoping that the pattern will be distracting. However, solid colors tend to be much more flattering, especially if they're not too bright and match your skin tone well. If you want to go with a more interesting pattern, look for designs that draw attention to parts of your body that you want to accentuate.

Step 2

Choose a bathing suit that fits your body. Avoid bathing suits that are tight around your stomach, but also don't go for anything too baggy. Bathing suits with high-cut legs add body length that distracts from your stomach.

Step 3

Look for swimsuits with draping material. These bathing suits often have frills or pieces of fabric that drape down over your belly, disguising the area. They may also be purposely designed to ruffle up in areas so that the fabric doesn't pull tight over your stomach.

Step 4

Purchase a bathing suit with tummy control if you're concerned about your stomach. These bathing suits push in your stomach, making you look slimmer than you would otherwise. However, these bathing suits are often more expensive than other alternatives, so if money is an issue, be careful.