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The sweet potato has a moist texture and sweet taste that works well with a wide variety of spices and preparation styles. Baking or roasting will bring out the earthy flavor of this root vegetable, while slicing it thin and deep frying it produces salty-sweet fries. The sweet potato pairs well with a variety of wines since it is such a versatile vegetable.

Wine Pairings

Pour gewurztraminer with roasted sweet potatoes. The taste of spiced pear in the wine stands up well against the strong, earthy flavor of the sweet potato. Another possibility is riesling; it is high in acidity, which will cut through the richness of the sweet potato. If you prefer a red wine, the moderate tannins and deep fruity flavors of zinfandel pair up well with this vegetable.

Serve a merlot with sweet potato fries. The flavors of berry, plum, spice and the sweet aftertaste complement the salty-sweet flavor of the fries.

Choose a sparkling wine, such as champagne or prosecco, if you are serving a spicy baked sweet potato casserole. Although often considered delicate, sparkling wines' complex flavors of sparkling wines and effervescence can stand up against big-flavor dishes.


  • If a dish of sweet potatoes with marshmallows is an unbreakable holiday tradition in your family, do not despair. Pair up this family favorite with a cabernet sauvignon, a wine high in tannins. The wine's tannins will tone down the sweetness of the dish.