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The elegant Pandora bracelet lets you add custom charms with special meaning. One of the hallmarks of the Pandora bracelet is its secret clasp, which can be tricky to open. The clasp is designed to enhance the beauty of the bracelet while ensuring it stays securely on your wrist.

Locate the clasp on the Pandora bracelet. It's disguised as a decorative bead and is difficult to distinguish from other beads on the bracelet. The clasp bead will have a thin slit on it from end to end.

Grasp the bracelet gently on either side of the clasp bead, and press your thumbnail into its slit with enough pressure to pop the hinged clasp open.

Use your fingers to fully open the hinged clasp bead to expose the end of the bracelet in its grooved cradle.

Lift the bracelet's end piece out of the grooved cradle piece.


Press the bracelet's end piece into the grooved cradle inside the hinged bead clasp, and squeeze the bead clasp between your fingers until it snaps tightly shut to close the bracelet again.

Pandora sells a pretty, flower-shaped clasp opener, which can be used to open the clasp bead instead of your thumbnail. When not in use, the clasp opener doubles as a cell phone charm.

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