How to Open a Locket

By Aksana Nikolai

The term locket refers to a pendant or medallion that opens to reveal two halves called wings. Some lockets feature small frames and glass or plastic panels behind which many people place photographs. Others are used to store keepsakes such as a lock of hair belonging to a loved one. Lockets are most often worn on a chain around the neck, but can also be part of a key chain or bracelet. It is important to familiarize yourself with the proper technique for opening these fragile accessories, particularly antique ones.

Open a Locket

Step 1

Place the edge of your fingernail into the space between the two wings.

Step 2

Move your nail back and forth until the latch opens, causing the wings to come apart.

Step 3

Pull apart the wings of a stubborn locket gently with a small flathead screwdriver, similar to those used for repairing eyeglasses.