How to Naturally Tighten Facial Skin

By LeafTV Editor

The elasticity and the firmness of your facial skin can be improved without surgery or costly doctor visits. Facial exercises and a change of diet can prevent sagging skin if you are diligent enough to maintain these new habits.

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How To Naturally Tighten Facial Skin


Do a routine facial massage every night. The massage should last for five to 10 minutes. Massage the face in an upward motion since gravity constantly pulls down on the skin. Fitness Health Zone has exercises for each part of the face. For example, for the forehead, you should place your index fingers just above your eyes. Pull down your eyes while raising your eyebrows 10 times. For the lips, suck hard on your finger then remove it. Repeat that 10 times.

Do a regular exercise program to increase blood circulation, which naturally tones the skin.

Eat a balanced diet and avoid foods high in sugar. Drink plenty of fluids, starting with eight glasses of water per day.

Use an anti-wrinkle cream. According to the Mayo Clinic, the cream should include a tea extract, etinol, coenzyme Q10 or hydroxy acid.