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Facial exercises are a great way to naturally tone and firm up your face without having any invasive procedures. Not only can you improve your circulation and get rid of wrinkles, but these exercises will help plump up your facial muscles, which will make your face appear fuller.

Cheek Exercises

Jenna Foster/Demand Media

Your cheeks are the meatiest part of the face, so toning them up will increase their muscles mass and make your face appear more plump and full.

One exercise you can do is stick one of your fingers in your mouth and close your lips around it. Suck on your finger for five seconds as hard as you can while sucking in your cheeks. Release and repeat 15 more times. This will help strengthen your cheek muscles and enhance the circulation and oxygen flow to your face so your cheeks look more pink and full.

Another exercise is to pucker your lips out as far and as tight as you can. Then, bring your lips back into a smile with your mouth shut tight. Hold for five seconds, extend your lips out again and then bring them into the smile. Repeat this 15 times, or until you feel your facial muscles get weak.

One last cheek workout is to place your index finger and middle finger on each cheek and then slowly rub in a circular motion. This will stimulate the muscles, which will thicken them up and cause them to look fuller.

Neck Exercise

Jenna Foster/Demand Media

It's just as important to work your neck muscles to achieve a fuller looking face. If you happen to have loose skin under your chin or around your neck, this is the perfect exercise to tighten those muscles.

Begin by sitting straight up in a chair and extending your neck all the way back. Next, place your bottom lip over your upper lip as far as you can and hold for about five seconds. Repeat this 20 times. This exercise will pull up the skin on your neck, which will strengthen the muscles back into a tighter, yet elastic, state.