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Making the face look slimmer and more toned is as important as losing weight all over your body. You can try a variety of procedures and supplements to lose those chubby cheeks and plump face. Massages, liposuction or clever ways of making up your face will help, but these will also be expensive and time-consuming. However the simplest thinner face remedies are exercises that help you lose facial fat.

Exercises for the Forehead and Eyes

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Put both your index fingers right above your eyebrows, and try to simultaneously pull the eyes down and lift your brows. Hold this position for about five minutes or take a few seconds’ break between two rounds of this exercise done for about three minutes each. This will help firm your forehead, which in turn will make your face look more toned and slimmer. The eyes, the most important giveaway for the face, need to be worked out too. Relax, and close your eyes while sitting in a chair. With your eyes pressed shut, try to look downwards and upwards the farthest you possibly can for 15 minutes. Then, without opening your eyes, raise your brows, and draw the eyelids down the farthest you can, counting to 10. Relax and repeat this for about 10 minutes every day.

Exercises for the Lips and Cheeks

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Put a finger inside your mouth and suck on it, with the maximum force you can muster. Count till 10, gently take the finger out and perform the routine for about 10 minutes. A daily workout of this kind will aid in making your lips less puffy and help tone down your face. Other exercises for face slimming include working out your cheeks. Put the fingers of your left hand, except the thumb and little finger, at 90 degrees with your left cheek. Toss your head backwards and thrust the cheek down and towards the inner mouth by applying force with your finger. At the same time, try to maintain the widest possible of all smiles. Repeat with the other cheek and hand. Do this routine for around 15 minutes every day to reduce fat from your cheeks.

Exercises for the Neck and Chin

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One of the most important exercises for a thinner face is to throw your head back gradually the farthest you possibly can until you feel a pull on the neck muscles. Then, thrust your lower jaw to and fro, in alternate movements. Do this regimen five times every day to tone your neck muscles and make your face look slimmer. One more exercise for a thinner face is to tilt your head back, so you face the ceiling, while you sit in a straight-backed chair. Relax your lips, and gradually position your lower lip the farthest upwards you possibly can onto your upper lip. Count to 10 and stop, and repeat for about 10 minutes every day for making your neck area thinner. If you are worried about your double chin, sit in a straight-backed chair, toss your head backwards and look up straight at the ceiling, while pursing your lips close together. Holding your head in that position, round your lips and blow and count to 20. Gradually lower your head, relax and look straight ahead. Repeating this regimen for about five minutes every day will help you reduce the wobbliness of a double chin and make your face look thinner.

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