Bare Escentuals admits that many of their new color schemes have been designed by their customers. The company encourages consumers to mix colors to create the perfect shade of foundation, blush, eye shadow or lip color for them. Successful mixtures that the company picks up are often named after the customers who created them. Below are mixing instructions to create your own unique Bare Minerals products.

Things You'll Need

Determine which Bare Minerals products to mix together. The most common mixtures are done in foundations, blushes, eye shadows and lip colors.

Gather everything you need to mix your product choices. Be sure to place something beneath the products to protect the area where the mixing is taking place.

Mix a lighter and darker foundation together to create a color that matches your skin tone. Start with a ratio of two-thirds of light foundation and one-third of dark. If, after testing, more of the darker color is required, continue adding small amounts of the darker shade until the right color is achieved.

Mix the original Mineral Veil with any foundation color for an even more natural-looking coverage. The ratio should be at least half-and-half. For some, two-thirds foundation and one-third Mineral Veil works perfectly. Mix tinted Mineral Veil with foundation to create a soft hint of color. The ratio should be about half-and-half.

Mix various blush shades in the same family (like pink, peach or coral) together to create a new custom color. Use various ratios, testing each option to see how it will look on your skin. Add in a bit of Mineral Veil to soften the color to make it look even more natural.

Mix various eye shadows in the same family (like blue, green, or brown) to create a new shade. Try using different ratios and proportions to achieve a unique color. Test each one on your eyes to make sure it achieves what you desire. If not, continue mixing until you get the shade you want.

Mix various eye shadows from different, but coordinating, family groups (like blue and green or peach and brown) together to create a brand new color. Start with proportions of two-thirds light and one-third dark, adding in more dark color after testing if the desire is to go darker still.

Mix metallic eye shadows together to create a new look. Try silver with copper or pewter with gold. Start with mixtures that are one-half to one-half. After testing, if necessary add more of one metallic or another until you achieve the desired look.

Mix eye shadows together to be used as lip color. Try mixing some in the same family and others from different families to achieve a look that is uniquely your own. Dip lip balm into the mixture and apply to the lips to test. Adjust the color as you want.

Add light shadow shades like off white, pale peach, or blush pink into any mixture to soften the color. Or try adding a bit of metallic gold, silver, pewter, copper, or bronze to give off a hint of glitter. For a soft gleam, mix in some of Bare Escentuals’ glimmers.

Add some of Bare Escentuals’ new jewels colors like topaz, ruby or diamond, to any of your new mixtures to give it a very soft, natural gleam. Proportions should be about three-quarters shadow to one-quarter jewel tone.

Store your new mixtures in individual clear pots with screw-on lids. Give the new shade your own name.


  • Make sure that colors are well blended together before testing. Otherwise you will get skewed results.
    You can add Mineral Veil to any mixture to give it a more natural, soft look.
    Experiment mixing shadows from various color families to create something wild and funky.
    If you come up with a new color that you think Bare Escentuals would like, send a pot of it to Leslie Blodgett. Who knows, she may adopt the color and name it after you.