Raw minced meat ingredients on paper with onion, herbs

When cooking a dish that requires finely chopped meat, you need to know how to mince -- a technique that involves cutting food into very fine pieces. No matter the food that you wish to mince, the technique is the same. In order to mince, you'll first need to dice.

Select a large sharp knife for cutting the meat.

Place the meat on a cutting board.

Cut, or dice, the meat into small cubes. Aim for cubes that are about 1/4-inch.

Hold the knife with one hand and place your other hand on top of the blade to steady it.

Place the top end of the blade on your cutting board and mince the cubes into smaller pieces by rocking the blade back and forth. The natural curve of the knife blade will aid in this technique. While performing this technique, the top end of the blade should not leave the cutting surface. Instead, the back end of the blade should be doing all of the cutting as you rock the knife.

Mince the meat into the smallest pieces possible.


Use a sharp knife when mincing. A dull knife requires more force and can result in serious injury.