Roasted Chile Sweating in plastic bag

The poblano is a large, green chile that is mildly spicy. Poblano peppers are common in stuffed chiles, casseroles, rice dishes and chili. Many recipes call for roasted and peeled poblano peppers. Roasting them enhances their natural flavor and allows the skin to peel away from the pepper. The peel is flavorless with an unappealing, papery texture. Peeling a poblano exposes the soft flesh beneath the skin, which provides a powerful burst of flavor when you bite into it. You will need approximately 20 minutes of roasting time before you peel poblano peppers.

Preheat an oven or toaster oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Alternatively, preheat an open flame grill or skillet on a stove top to medium high.

Place the poblano pepper into your chosen heat source; if you are using the oven, set the pepper onto a baking sheet first. Allow the pepper to roast until its skin begins to bubble on the side exposed to heat. Once its skin bubbles, flip the pepper and allow the skin to bubble on the opposite side.

Remove the pepper from the oven or other heat source and place it into a paper bag. Fold the top of the paper bag over and leave it to cool for about 10 minutes or until it is comfortable to handle. The paper bag steams the exterior of the pepper, making it easier to peel.

Pinch a bubbled area of the skin with your index finger and thumb. Pull upward to peel the skin away from the poblano pepper. Work slowly to peel off the largest piece of skin possible.

Continue pinching loose areas of skin and peeling it away from the pepper. Use your fingernail or a knife to get under areas of skin that are not bubbled up from the pepper.

Discard the skin and use the peeled pepper immediately.


If you have leftover peeled peppers, refrigerate them in plastic wrap for up to two days.