Breakfast Casserole
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Baking entrees and casseroles in the microwave instead of the oven can be an effective way to cook in a hurry. Not only do foods cook quickly in the microwave, but you also avoid heating up your kitchen, which can be helpful during the summer months. Hash brown potatoes cook quickly and stay moist when you cook them in the microwave. Microwave a hash brown casserole for a satisfying and delicious side dish to serve the family. This recipe serves six.

Mix the frozen hash browns, the chopped onion, the sour cream and the cream of celery soup in the large bowl. Stir everything well with the wooden spoon.

Grease the inside of the microwave baking dish to prevent the casserole from sticking.

Pour the ingredients into the prepared baking dish.

Add the shredded cheese to cover the top of the casserole.

Place the baking dish into the microwave oven and set the baking power to 75 percent. Set the baking time to 10 minutes and start the microwave.

Allow the microwave to cook for the entire 10 minutes and then check the casserole. Rotate the dish 180 degrees and microwave for another five minutes.

Check the casserole after the cooking time elapses. If the potatoes are hot and the cheese is bubbling, the casserole is finished cooking.

Remove the baking dish from the oven and allow it to stand for five minutes before serving.