How to Keep Mashed Potatoes Warm in the Crock Pot

By Mindy Baca

Mashed potatoes are a common side dish and are often served to guests at dinner parties or during holiday meals. Despite their popularity, it is sometimes difficult to keep mashed potatoes warm right up until serving time. A crock pot or slow cooker can make it easy to prepare your potatoes ahead of time, keep them warm and serve them at your convenience.


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Step 1

Make a batch of mashed potatoes. Add butter, milk and seasonings according to your preferences.


Step 2

Melt several tablespoons of butter in a small bowl in the microwave. Brush melted butter on the inside of the crock pot with the pastry brush. The butter will help keep the potatoes from sticking to the inside of the crock pot.


Step 3

Scoop the mashed potatoes into the crock pot. Add several dollops of butter to the top of the potatoes to help keep the top layer of potatoes from drying out.


Step 4

Set the crock pot to low. Fold a couple of paper towels in half and place them under the crock pot lid to absorb any condensation.


Step 5

Stir the potatoes occasionally. Add more milk or butter as needed to prevent the mashed potatoes from drying out.