By Timothy Peckinpaugh

Oil has been used as a massaging agent as far back as ancient Greece, Egypt, India and China. While olive oil is typically reserved for culinary uses in the Western world, it can also be used to provide therapeutic benefits of a massage. With extra virgin olive oil you can provide a massage that relaxes the body, eases sore muscles and provides an overall sense of relaxation. Furthermore, oil is beneficial to healing dry skin and soothing aching muscles.

Olive oil massages provide numerous benefits, including easing sore muscles.
Mixing extra virgin olive oil with essential oils creates a fragrent massaging agent.

Add the 8 oz. of olive oil and the 1/4 oz. of essential oil to the bowl. For the essential oil, you can choose a rosemary oil, mint oil or any other fragrant type of oil. Once the two oils are thoroughly mixed together, slightly warm them so that you can handle it comfortably.

Step 2

Instruct the massage recipient to disrobe, cover himself with a towel and lie face down on the mat or massage table.

Dip only your fingers in the oil to control the amount of oil you use.

Dip your fingers in the massage oil and rub the oil onto the rest of your hands. Place your hands in the middle of the lower back of the massage recipient, and apply firm pressure. Move your hands in an upward motion toward the neck. Once you have reached the base of the neck, move your hands toward the shoulders, and descend them toward the lower back. Repeat this process, adding more oil to your hands when necessary.

Step 4

Massage the legs and arms with a straight up and down motion -- work from the bottom of the legs toward the upper legs, and then down again. Repeat this motion with the arms, applying more olive oil as needed.

Step 5

Massage the abdomen, applying light pressure as you do. Place your hands on the lower abdomen and move upward, as you massage in a circular clockwise motion.

Step 6

Apply light pressure to the hands and feet, making sure to use plenty of oil.

Step 7

Allow the massage recipient to rest for about 10 minutes after the massage. After this period, instruct him to take a warm shower or bath to complete the relaxation process, and to clean off excess oil from the skin.