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Egyptian oils have countless medicinal and therapeutic benefits. You can use them topically or for aromatic purposes. Egyptians have produced oils for thousands of years using compound plants, and they extract plant oils with a process called cold-pressing. These oils beautify skin, heal ailments and enhance spirituality. Popular oils include lavender, peppermint, oregano and rose.


Many believe that Egyptians are the founders of aromatherapy because of their history with transforming energy with oils. You can smell Egyptian oils directly from the bottle, place them on a cloth to inhale them or boil them in water for steam inhalation. Oil lamps and burners can help to spread an oil's fragrance and shift the energy in a room. Egyptian oils also offer aromatherapy benefits during spiritual practices, such as yoga and meditation.


Because Egyptian oils are thick and high grade, their fragrance is intense and long-lasting. Egyptian oils are ingredients in many perfumes, colognes, lotions, body oils and candles. In ancient Egypt, an oil's fragrance was selected based on its ability to heal negative energy, balance emotions, inspire thought and connect individuals to divine powers. Today, many select fragrances based on which smells appeal to them.

Skin Care and Therapy

Egyptian oil is used therapeutically for massage. It is added to baths and used as a skin moisturizer. You can use the oils individually or blend them with oils that offer different therapeutic benefits. One example is Geranium, an Egyptian oil made from the Egyptian Pelargonium graveolens plant. It includes properties that act as an astringent or a deodorant. It also helps wounds heal.

Immune System Booster

Oils from ancient Egypt can fight infections, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Egyptian oils, when used medicinally, can act as natural immune system boosters. Nard oil is an Egyptian oil that contains over 100 agents that work systematically to balance the immune system while enhancing its function. Ancient Egyptians also used various oils to stabilize human emotions and alleviate skin allergies.