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Using hot oil during massage is an excellent way to promote relaxation and sooth muscle fatigue while opening the pores and softening the skin. Many varieties of massage oil contain one or more essential oil scents, which can be aromatherapeutic for both the masseuse and the recipient of the massage. Adding hot oil to any proper massage technique can add to the experience. Hot oil can be used for all types of traditional massage, but should be avoided if other ingredients are to be introduced (i.e., a whisking massage).

Place several towels near the massage table within easy reach. If your client requests a bathroom break, or must take a recess during the session, he or she will likely need a towel to absorb some of the oil before exiting the space.

Heat your massage oil in the microwave for 1 minute on high heat. Be sure the top of the container is open to allow the pressure a place to escape as the oil heats.

Close the container and shake the oil thoroughly, using caution not to burn yourself.

Test the heat of the oil on your wrist. It should be hot to the touch, but should not burn the skin. If it is warm, but not hot, reheat the container between 15 and 30 seconds. Repeat this process until an adequate temperature is achieved. If the oil is too hot, continue shaking the contents until some of the heat has dispersed.

Proceed with your planned massage technique, applying the oil liberally throughout the session. Place the oil on the mug warmer between uses to keep it hot for the duration of the session.


Keep an eye on your oil as it rests on the mug warmer. Depending on the type of container in which you store your oil, there is a chance of melting. Use a high-grade plastic bottle, glass, or ceramic to avoid this concern.