How to Massage the Chest

By LeafTV Editor

It may seem like the last place you'd carry stress, but the chest holds physical and emotional tension. Learn how to massage the chest, and you can help release this stress and make breathing easier and fuller.

Man's chest closeup with hands
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How To Massage The Chest


Ask your partner to lie down on his back and close his eyes, legs stretched out straight, but relaxed and arms lying loosing slightly away from his body.

Kneel or stand at your partner's right side. Rest her right hand in your right hand. Gently place your left hand in the middle of her chest, over the heart. Let your hands rest in this position for several seconds, creating an energy balancing that will prepare your partner, and you, for the rest of the massage.

Pour some massage oil into your hands, careful not to drip any on your partner's skin. Rub the oil together between your hands to warm it.

Still at your partner's side, place both hands flat in the middle of your partner's chest, at the bottom of the breastbone.

To massage the chest, slide your flat hands firmly but gently up the middle of his chest. Before you reach the collarbones, fan your hands out toward the shoulders, continuing to apply gentle, but firm pressure to the muscles in the upper chest.

When your hands reach the shoulders, push them over and under the shoulder area, then back up over the upper arm.

From the upper arm, move your hands onto the ribcage area, starting at the armpits. Slide your hands down the length of the rib cage, still gently but firmly.

When your hands reach the bottom of the rib cage, pull them back up into the chest area where you began.

Repeat Steps 4 through 8 several times to massage the chest.


  • Rather than using your muscles to apply more pressure, use the weight of your body.

  • Before you start to massage the chest, ask your partner to let you know if you're applying more pressure than is comfortable.

  • You can make your own relaxing massage oil by combining a carrier oil, like grapeseed, sunflower or safflower , with a few drops of lavender essential oil.