Deep tissue massage.

After a long, hard day, it's a very thoughtful idea to surprise your man with a sensual massage. There is a technique to giving a good massage. The most important thing to remember when giving a massage is that you have to be observant of the other person's response to your actions. If he responds positively with a relieved sigh, you know you're doing a good job.

Gather a variety of scented oils that your man might like. Some popular choices are sweet almond, jojoba, peppermint, cinnamon, honey walnut, lavender, and coconut massage oil. Cocoa butter also makes a good massage lubricant when combined with another oil. You can also purchase a massage oil pack (see the "Resources" section below).

Have your man sniff each oil to see which one he finds most pleasing and relaxing to his senses. Ask him where he feels the most tension.

Light a few candles around the bed, couch or massage table. Set this up wherever is most comfortable for him. Turn down the lights. Lay your man down face first. Straddle his back, and give him a gentle peck on the back of the neck.

Start drizzling massage oil down his back. Don't use too much. Then, lightly distribute the oil with your fingers. Apply pressure (as much as he can stand) with your thumbs to the insides of his shoulder blades and work them in a small circular motion. At the same time, use your other fingers to apply light pressure to the tops of the shoulder blades.

Move down further on his back using the same formation with your thumbs applying direct, deep pressure to the inside. Let your fingers massage the rest.

Move up to the top of his back (while keeping your hands applied to the back at all times). Use your thumbs again to massage the upper back and the back of his neck in a circular motion. Work your way down while alternating between hard and light pressure. Be aware of his responses to the amount of pressure you are applying.

Twist yourself slightly to the right. Use both hands to begin massaging his biceps and lower arm with your fingertips and thumbs. Move all the way down to the hands. Use your thumbs to massage his palms. Do the same for the other arm.

Turn him around. Look him in the eyes affectionately. Begin the process again, focusing on his upper area. Be sure to add more massage oil. Use additional pressure with your thumbs wherever you feel tension.

Drizzle some more oil on his legs and thighs. Grab either lower thigh with each hand. Begin working your fingers and thumbs in an outward--then inward--motion all the way down to his feet. Grasp his feet with your thumbs underneath and fingers on top. Begin pushing your thumbs inward (not too hard) at the balls of the feet, which are a key pressure point in the body.


  • Be sure to clean up and make your room smell fresh prior to administering your massage. Clutter could give him more stress, whereas a clean room will help to put your man at ease.