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One of the most soothing feelings is human touch. To aid couples who want to pamper themselves at home, many companies are producing warming massage oils to provide a more spa-like, intimate experience. Warming massage oils are heat-activated during the massage and in comparison to basic massage oils provide deeper relaxation when rubbed into your skin. Whether it's a special occasion or you and your partner just want a release from the day's stressors, using a warming massage oil can be an added bonus to an at-home massage.

Perform a skin test by applying a dime-size amount of the oil on the back of your hand or the inside of your forearm. Like any other lotion or moisturizer, you should test it on your skin to be sure that you are not allergic or won't have a negative reaction.

Shower or take a bath. Always start with fresh, clean skin. Your partner should wash his hands as well.

Remove the water from your skin after bathing with a clean, dry towel. Leave your skin slightly damp.

Lie on a large towel on a flat surface that is comfortable; if you're at home, the bed is probably the best option. Lying on a towel prevents the oil from staining your bedding underneath.

Tell your partner which areas you feel the most tension in and where you prefer him to concentrate the massage.

Instruct your partner to apply quarter-size drops directly to the skin and apply pressure in a circular motion until the skin appears shiny versus oily. You can ask your partner to apply more or less pressure based on your preference. Remember that the oil will heat up over time, so you may not need as much pressure as you would for a standard massage.


Most warming massage oils come in scents; be sure to purchase a scent that is pleasing to you.

Basic oils you already have are a nice alternative to warming massage oil. Consider warming baby oil or olive oil in the microwave. Test the temperature with a finger before applying to the skin. It should be pleasantly warm, not piping hot.